Playing PUBG with 3D Touch on iOS Phones

Playing PUBG with 3D touch brings players the most exciting gaming experience. This feature is highly optimized, helping players quickly eliminate opponents. Moreover, when using 3D touch, gamers feel more confident in intense confrontations. In the following article, let’s explore the special appeal of this feature when playing PUBG Mobile with the 188 jili gaming community.

Overview of PUBG Game

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an esports game with a massive player base worldwide. It’s a battle royale game developed by Bluehole and Brendan Greene. In the game, you fight for survival against 99 other players to determine the winning team.

The PUBG battleground mainly consists of deserted islands controlled by the military. Therefore, attacks in PUBG become more attractive. Players scavenge for weapons and necessary equipment to survive and combat opponents. Thus, to increase the chance of winning, players can use 3D touch to play PUBG. This method is highly effective, helping players become the sole survivors on the island and secure victory. We can easily experience PUBG on iOS devices through the mobile version. Simply download the PUBG app and enjoy it anytime, anywhere, very conveniently.

Overview of PUBG Game

Understanding the 3D Touch Feature in PUBG

3D Touch is a feature designed by Apple specifically for iOS smartphone users. Therefore, only gamers using iOS phones can play PUBG with 3D touch.

When using this special tool, we can easily create a significant difference in survival. In PUBG Mobile, this tool allows the touchscreen to respond to the pressure applied by users. As a result, players can easily control accuracy in every shot to eliminate opponents for the most effective survival.


The 3D touch feature is only integrated into iOS smartphones. With many special benefits, the number of players choosing this tool for survival gaming experiences is very high. For those who haven’t used 3D touch when playing PUBG, let’s look at the special benefits below:

Accuracy and speed

Playing PUBG with 3D touch helps you control the shooting force based on the pressure applied to the touchscreen. Thus, players can quickly and accurately eliminate opponents. Therefore, in situations requiring high accuracy, this feature helps players perform optimally.


The mechanism of 3D touch is adjusting pressure on the screen. Therefore, when playing PUBG with 3D touch, we can easily adjust the sensitivity for each situation. Hence, players can flexibly customize according to their survival tactics.

Reduced mistakes in PUBG shooting

3D Touch helps you control the shooting force, reducing mistakes and minimizing bullet wastage. Therefore, players can easily survive and maintain an advantage in fierce battles.

Better gaming experience

Playing PUBG with 3D touch brings the most enjoyable experiences. The effectiveness of this useful feature is undeniable, making players more enthusiastic about survival. As a result, players can easily climb ranks and enhance their combat shooting abilities.

Effective Tips for Playing PUBG

The benefits of this feature in online shooting games are numerous. Below, we’ll share some of the most effective techniques for using 3D touch:

Adjust sensitivity

First, players need to adjust the sensitivity of 3D touch to match their PUBG shooting style. If you’re skilled at shooting with 3D touch, you can increase sensitivity, and vice versa. To do this, gamers need to experiment and find the most suitable sensitivity.

Use light pressure to aim and shoot

Using light pressure to aim and shoot targets increases accuracy, a method favored by many PUBG experts. After accurately aiming and shooting, we apply strong pressure to eliminate opponents. This method of playing PUBG provides high accuracy for players. Thus, players can easily control survival battles without worrying about where opponents are hiding.

Regular practice

For all features to be used effectively, we need regular practice. Spend time learning about 3D touch and practice every day to become the most professional gamers.

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